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Saturday, April 3, 2010

I got all of these items today including MAC Powder Blush in Desert Rose.
Everything seems gorgeous :)
Can't wait to try
Anyway, is there anyone can suggest me a great cheap gel/cream eyeliner ? What do u think about Coastal Scent gel eyeliner ? Are they good and not smudging ?



hi Meri L..

to be honest i dont really like coastal scent gel eyeliner..its not lasting at all..u can see the liner smudge all over ur face after u sweat

Meri L said...

Hi Jess, I think that's ur name :D
I heard lots of raves about CS gel eyelinre, that's why I am thinking to get it..Thanks for ur opinion :)

jess said...

yes...haha...sorry didnt mention earlier..my name is jess...honestly i think different person got different opinion..but yeah...me think coastal scent didnt work at all

puss.in.heels said...

Hi Meri,

I'm in agreement regarding the CS gel liners. I don't see what the rave is all about but it's not worth your money! I've tried Loreal HIP - very very good, and Maybelline gel liners which are more accessible here I guess. Maybelline's surprisingly good abd long lasting, and they are not so expensive as well. Hope this helps!