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Sunday, April 11, 2010

My First MAC Lipstick

Two days ago I received a package where inside was only 2 items. Both of them were lipstick and it were from MAC.
And yesterday I took a chance to try it.
First, it's Fresh Salmon from Spring Colour Forecast which kinda sheer but I love the color. It's described as sheer bright pink orange. Yes it's has pinkish shade but not so bright.
I love the texture which is creamy, I don't like matte lipstick.
The second one would be Radiccio, I love this one more than Fresh Salmon. Pinkish shade but a lil bit plummy. I didn't have any color like this before.
It was my first experience with MAC lipstick and I would say that I like it :)
I think I'm gonna start to collect them all. I am curious with MAC Russian Red or any red lipstick from MAC.
I want something that is a lil bit bright but not so mature color, any suggestion ?