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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I still remember yesterday, when 4 in the morning, I heard a phone call and my mom picked up the call..
Immediately she shout and crying because she just could not believe that my grandpa has passed away..
When me and my sister heard she shout, we ran to downstairs and I hugged my mom..
I was crying too..
My mom kept saying that she asked my grandpa to wait for her...She's planning to visit my grandpa on Friday this week ( 4th Dec) because my aunt in Hong Kong asked my mom to wait for her.
She needed someone as companion.
My mom cried and cried, it was the first time for me to see her cry..
I will be honest that I was not crying because I lost my grandpa..
Yes, I'm sad but it had been 5 years since the last time I saw him, we rarely spent time together or even a small chat.
It because my mom, it's so pain to see her cry, kept saying that she asked my grandpa to wait for her..
She is in West Kalimantan, Pontianak now where my grandpa stayed.
I keep thinking and worrying about her..Keep remembering when she cried..
Once I told her that this is the best because my grandpa had been very sick since last 2 years and he suffered from depressed because his very bad son.
I believe that my grandpa in a better place now..
Thanks to anyone for the condolences..


SheTreasures said...

nice blog.. my condolence too.. :(