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Monday, November 2, 2009

My favorite blusher from MAC

I have few of blushers and some of them are my favorite. And in this post, I will share with you what my favorite from MAC. Of course I have other blusher from various brands, but let's do it slowly.
In this picture I have :

  • Joyous from Beauty Powder collection, I love the color, peach with gold sparkles and I look so fresh whenever I'm using it
  • Dainty, my first MAC blusher and it's mineral blush. Pink with shimmer helps me to glowy. It has smooth texture and quite pigmented.
  • Gentle, mineralize blush that I got together with Dainty. Steven ( SA of MAC) really made a good choice for me. The color looks purple-ish but when I apply this, it looks plummy.
  • Plum Foolery. I never thought before that plum color would suit my fair skin tone. But this one is a really nice blush that I will repurchase.
  • Pink Swoon. Most girls out there love this blush and it's a must have from MAC. this is my hubby favorite honestly, not me. For it's just ok.
  • Pinch O Peach. Naturally blush look healthy and pretty color is enough to tell how I love this blush. However I don't think this as a peach blusher, it's more to pink side.
  • Summer Rose from Rose Romance. First time I had this, I hate it. I could not see any color when I tried to apply it. It's not pigmented at all, so I need to swipe several times, which is worth it. It's not a common pink, I feel it's kinda unique color with a nice sheen.
  • Angel. It has been discontinued. Too bad as I like it :) A bit pale but suits me well.
I am planning to get another blusher from MAC such as Style, Sunbasque, Margin, Well Dressed, etc. But not now, since I have NARS fever hehe..
I am waiting for NARS Oasis and Mata Hari to come. I already placed an order for NARS Amour too. Too bad Sephora doesn't have NARS in Crazed.
Not only NARS, but other blusher as well. I will share with you once it's arrived :)
I decided to take a short time to not get anything from MAC, so I won't feel so bored :P


Anonymous said...

oOOo wow you own quite a bit of MAC blushes~ thanks for the description of each of them! I have yet to try MAC blushes =P