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Saturday, February 12, 2011

What will u do if u were me ?

I still remembered in August I ordered Forever 21 jeans n shoes by asking someone's help. Lets call her A. She live in Aussie, which Forever 21 do ships to Aussie. Take note, I live in Indonesia and Forever 21 don't ship to here.
She said the shipping fee would be expensive so she had to offered to others so we could share the shipping together.
After a month, there was no news from her until I told her that I expect there was no order from me if she didn't update me anything.
She then replied that she already ordered it for me.
And she was going to ship the items to Indonesia in Oct and sent me the invoice.
Guess what ? she was gone. again.
Until one day in January she sent me email that my items arrived to Jakarta. What ??!!
After few months ?
and the craziest thing, she charged me so expensive shipping and she forgot the price of my shoes !!
I feel like don't want to pay her. She did not update me anything and suddenly, invoice came.
What do u think ??