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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MAC haul :)

I wrote the list of the shades randomly ;)
MSF Light Flush
MSF Redhead
BPB Sun Centered (Color Form collection)
BPB Fun n Games (Hello Kitty collection)
BPB Sweetness (BPB collection)
BPB Personal Style (All ages, sexes collection)
Frankly Scarlet
Ambering Rose
Breath of Plum
Florida (Lilyland collection)
So Sweet So Easy (Lilyland collection)

Frankly Scarlet, Sweetness, Florida, Fun and Games, and So Sweet So Easy caught my eye. They are so pretty and I can't wait to wear them soon.
Most of them are old I know..From a collection that u probably already had and threw it into the dust bin. But I just started my collection as I love MAC more and more.
I'm so happy..
And I'm waiting for another blushers from Spring Forecast, Riveting and Too Fabulous collection.
It's gonna be a long wait as the shipping is very late. But it's worthy :)


Slowbrogal said...

I just wanna ask where did u get ur MSF light Flush? I've been looking for it for long. But is LE.

Meri L said...

I got it from a seller in Indonesia dear :)
I, too just got MSF Petticoat, happy :)